Professionalism at It’s Best and a Tribute to the Legal Field

Having had many experiences over the years with the Fitzgerald Law Firm I can provide a review that is reflective of situations that include wills and real estate closings. Each and every conversation I have had with Dan Fitzgerald and Stacy (the firm’s Paralegal) has been so very professional and friendly. They are very genuine and so very versed in their field. This leads to a sense of trust that has been such a reassurance especially important when a loved one in the family has died. Meetings were concluded only when all our questions were answered. Their responses have always been clear and explained so everyone understood. The firm has always remained mindful of cost. The final work product has always been 100% accurate. Dan and Stacy team well as responses to phone calls are quick. The Fitzgerald Law firm is “Professionalism at It’s Best and a Tribute to the Legal Field.”