Residential & Commercial Transactions

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Residential and commercial transactions can be complicated for individuals, families, and businesses to figure out on their own. They can encompass a family looking to buy or sell a house, a business owner that wants to lease or sell commercial property, or anyone else involved in a real estate-related transaction. Regardless of the specifics, you will want to ensure that for any all real estate transactions you have an experienced real estate attorney to assist you.


The Fitzgerald Law Firm, P.C. is a recognized and respected firm in business, real estate, and related areas of the law. We provide over 16 years of professional skills assisting clients with a variety of legal issues, including the purchasing and selling of residential homes, start-up business services, business transactions, and any associated litigation with start-ups, residential homes, foreclosures, and existing businesses. We’ve been working locally in Illinois for many years, and are familiar with the various industries and markets, and how they are applicable to strategies related to real estate. You can rest assured that you will receive quality, personalized legal representation.


Real Estate Areas

Some of the most common areas of real estate transactions involve:


  • Purchasing a residential home that carries negotiations, paperwork, titles, mortgages, and tax responsibilities;
  • Working with sale agreement terms;
  • Resolving disputes related to your title;
  • Entering into a landlord/tenant agreement;
  • Dealing with a foreclosure or judgment lien;
  • Having to purchase insurance and/or deal with an insurance dispute related to a residential or commercial transaction; and
  • Selling a business.


In order to ensure that you are fully informed about the terms of your purchase, sale, and/or contract and that the transaction goes smoothly, you will want to ensure that you have an experienced real estate attorney by your side for any and all real estate transactions in the state of Illinois. Without that protection, you could miss a vital precautionary step that can make all the difference.


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