Business Formation & Transactions

Experienced Attorneys in Business Law

If you are thinking of starting up, transferring, selling, or making changes to a business, it is crucial that you work with an experienced business law attorney so that you are set up and operate as the correct business entity in the state of Illinois with the proper liability coverage. This initial step–and who you work with after your business is established–has the power to affect the life of the business, as well as liability and tax-related issues.


Ownership Structure

In Illinois, there are several choices that you have in terms of how you classify and structure your business. For example, you can form a:


  • Sole proprietorship;
  • General and limited partnership;
  • Limited liability partnership;
  • Limited liability company;
  • ā€œSā€ corporation; or
  • ā€œCā€ corporation.


Business Transactions

In addition, business transactions form a complicated area of the law, as running a business often involves agreements with other commercial entities, independent contractors, employees, and even other vendors. These agreements are so powerful that they should be drafted with the assistance of an experienced business law attorney.


How a business is registered, what responsibilities one has as an employer, and how to protect one’s business concept and self are all crucial considerations. Even those thinking of selling or transferring a business, its stock, or assets, must retain an experienced attorney to ensure that due diligence has been done.


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