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As the owner of a company, you may appreciate having a Naperville, IL, business law firm on retainer. Whether you’re opening a new enterprise or you need local representation for your existing business, The Fitzgerald Law Firm, P.C. is at your service. We value your time, so we’ve made our office hours as flexible as possible.


Personalized and Attentive Representation

Daniel P. Fitzgerald can explain the benefits or organizing your company in a particular manner as well as the tax savings that are potentially available with a corporation or limited liability company. If you are a business owner, it is important to retained experienced counsel that can help you with the variety of issues that will inevitably arise.


If you run into a dispute during your operations, you can turn any negotiations over to our firm. The Fitzgerald Law Firm, P.C. offers continued support that is designed with your company’s future success in mind.


Areas We Specialize In

We help Naperville businesses along with other enterprises in Illinois with a range of business and commercial litigation issues. We do that by drawing from years of diverse experience that have seen us representing partnerships, limited liability companies to corporations. Using our litigation experience, we assist entrepreneurs to resolve disputes, protect their interests and position them for long term success. Here are some ways we ensure this:


Forming Business Entities – Formation of business entities involves certain factors that ensure its success. This includes liability protection, tax treatment, capital raising capabilities and ease of formation. An experienced Naperville business attorney can help you understand distinctions between these and ensure you select a profitable business model.


This includes helping you come to terms with basic legal entities that can have a lasting impact on your enterprise. For example, we can advise you on whether you should have sole ownership of your company or partner with someone based on business potential. While these formations are simple to manage, they can expose personal assets which can make acquiring financing difficult.


Similarly, our business attorneys can guide you on whether your business is ready to be a C Corporation or S Corporation based on your shareholders’ personal interests and assets. The aim will be to ensure you get maximum tax benefits without compromising your organization’s future and to ensure it is protected legally.


Besides helping you decide how you should formulate your organization, our legal team will also walk you through the setup. This includes drafting the required legal paperwork such as operating and partnership agreements as well as bylaws.


Business Contracts and Agreements – Well-formulated contracts and agreements can serve as solid foundations to a growing business. If they are drafted well, they can protect your business interests, outline clear expectations for involved parties and act as a means of conflict resolution.


Business attorneys at the Fitzgerald Law Firm, P.C. have the expertise and legal knowledge to draft agreements that can protect you and your assets. This includes sales contracts such as warranty documents, bill of sale, security agreements, etc and employment contracts that can define your relationship with your employees such as non-compete agreements, termination and non-disclosure contracts.


Additionally, our Naperville business attorneys can also draft solid lease contracts that cover the legal obligations of the lessor and lessee. This includes general business contracts that can ensure your assets are protected such as licensing agreements, indemnity contracts, franchise agreements, intellectual property agreements, etc.


As the leading business law firms in Naperville, IL, the Fitzgerald Law Firm, P.C.’s main focus is drafting contracts that can reflect our clients’ best interests. That’s why before creating a draft, our attorneys will work with you to understand your business’s potential and your needs as a business owner. This way you be well aware of the terms of the contract and conditions to prevent future disputes.


Business Fraud – Even a seemingly watertight business agreement may not be able to prevent disputes or fraud. These can range from vendor contract issues to large lawsuits from shareholders. Our business attorneys can protect your best interests and assets in case you are faced with a dispute.


Common ones that our attorneys can help you with include contract disputes i.e. in case a party violated an agreement. From the failure to deliver goods to a business contract gone wrong, we can help you dispute with an employee who has violated terms. This includes protecting the business in case corporate officers and directors fail to protect its best interests.


Besides this, we can also resolve partnership disputes such as breaches in partner contracts, violation of non-disclosure clauses and compensation disagreements. We can also help in case of tortious interference or if someone damages your business relationships with another party which leads to financial harm. This also includes unfair competition and conversion which can damage the business.


Resolving common corporate disputes is also our forte. Our attorneys have more than a decade’s combined experienced when it comes to resolving issues between partners and shareholders as well as individuals who wish to challenge acquisitions and mergers. The legal team that is assigned to your case will work quickly to resolve these disputes either through or out of court or at trial depending on the case’s complexity.


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