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Personal Injury & Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

If you’ve been involved in an accident that has caused pain and suffering, you may have a case to file a claim and should contact a personal injury law firm immediately. At The Fitzgerald Law Firm P.C., we can handle the legal details of your case while you work on regaining your health. Our attorney can discuss your injuries, determine the proper party against whom to initiate a lawsuit, and negotiate on your behalf. We represent people who have injury claims arising from:


Auto Accidents

The aftermath of an auto accident can be overwhelming. Who do you call and what do you do are some of the questions our car accident attorneys can answer. Rather than struggling through the process alone, get in touch with them at our law firm.

We handle all types of car crash claims in Naperville, IL which range from moderate to severe to catastrophic. Our aim is to aid your recovery by working on your case on your behalf and thus reduce stress which can otherwise exacerbate your condition.

In other words, when you hire our lawyer, you don’t have to worry about car repairs, medical bills, and insurance adjusters. We will take care of all of that for you and ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your suffering.


Workplace Accidents

No one expects to get hurt when they are at work. It’s supposed to be a safe environment after all. However, even the safest workplace can have hidden hazards which can lead to devastating injuries or worse. In the construction industry, for instance, lack of safety gear and apparel can lead to serious injuries which can leave you incapacities for months.

As a rule, your employers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring employees are safe from such hazards in the workplace. In case they fail in that duty and you get injured because of it, our personal injury lawyers can ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

It can happen anytime. Suddenly, you find yourself out of work because of a freak accident that left you seriously injured while you were doing your job. If you find yourself in this situation, you have every right to file a worker compensation claim.

However, if you have no experience with the process, our lawyers can help. Learn more about your worker rights and ensure you get the funds you need to take care of yourself physically and emotionally with aid from the Fitzgerald Law Firm P.C. Set up a free consultation today!


Slip and Falls

Slip and fall injuries are always unpredictable but they can be avoided. If you slipped and injured yourself on someone else’s property, the owner can be held liable for your pain and suffering. All you need to do is file for a premise liability claim with help from our personal injury lawyers in Naperville, IL.

According to Illinois law, you can be paid compensation for your medical bills, loss in wages as well as the pain and discomfort you go through after a workplace accident. Of course, for a claim to be valid, the victim has to prove that the injuries were a direct result of hazardous conditions and that the owner of the premise should have known of them.

If you are inexperienced in proving this claim, our experienced personal injury lawyers can elucidate and strengthen your case. This includes gathering evidence (which you may not be able to do because of your condition), negotiating with insurance claims adjusters and fighting for your case in court.


Medical Negligence

When you go to a doctor, the last thing you want to experience is negligence. They are trained to alleviate pain and physical trauma, not make it worse. Unfortunately, some can make mistakes which can have devastating consequences for their patients from lasting organ damage, the advancement of diseases, paralysis, infection, and even wrongful death.

Medical professionals are bound by law to abide by a certain standard of care for each patient that consults them. In the state of Illinois, medical malpractice is considered medical negligence in which the acting physician fails to conform to those standards. If you think you or a loved one has suffered from this, our personal injury lawyers in Naperville, IL can ensure they and you get due compensation.

Our experienced lawyers at the Fitzgerald Law Firm P.C. will work alongside you to prepare your case and prove your medical negligence claim. Our aim is to ensure you get the peace of mind you deserve after going through such traumatic and life-changing incidents. You or your loved ones don’t need to suffer from lifelong disabilities or conditions because of mistakes from healthcare professionals who should know better.


Nursing Home Injuries

Seniors in nursing homes are some of the most vulnerable individuals who need and deserve compassionate care. Their health and mental faculties may be failing, but the nursing home staff has a professional obligation to ensure they are taken care of. Sadly, due to their developmental disabilities and ill health, many are vulnerable to negligence and cannot advocate for themselves if staff mistreat them.

If you think your elderly relative or a senior loved one is being neglected or is not receiving the expected quality of care from their nursing home or is being exploited there, get in touch with our lawyers today. Under Illinois law, staff members who are employed in nursing homes are duty bound to uphold their rights and to ensure they remain safe from harm from residents and visitors as well. Our personal injury lawyers in Naperville, IL can represent them when they cannot speak for themselves in court.


Representing Injury Victims throughout the Greater Chicago Area

Our goal is to get you the financial compensation that you deserve. Daniel P. Fitzgerald may be able to obtain a settlement that pays you for any lost wages, medical bills, and rehabilitative care. If you’re not interested in a proposed agreement, Dan can prepare your case and present your side to a judge or jury.


When you retain The Fitzgerald Law Firm, P.C., you’ll receive personalized and attentive representation. For your convenience, we’re available seven days a week. If you’d like to schedule your free initial consultation call our office today at (630) 946-6060.