Fitzgerald law firm a few years back

I found the Fitzgerald law firm a few years back and was so thankful i did! I had terrible tenants in a rental property that needed to be evicted, had no idea how the process worked, was just cold calling attorneys with no satisfaction, until I reached Daniel, from my first conversation with him, I could tell he was very knowledgable, confident, had definately worked with people in my same position a time or two and knew his stuff! I hired him, he got rid of my tenants in a timely manner, put me at ease, and I have to say Daniel and his staff were always very helpful, friendly and nothing shy of excellent when it came to assisting me with questions or concerns i had throughout the whole process! We’ve since used Daniel and his firm to buy another rental property approx a year ago and are in the process of buying yet another and as I said, but will reiterate Daniel has been nothing shy of excellent! Definately gets an A+ rating from me!