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How Child Support Is Calculated in Illinois

A divorce can be devastating for all members of the family, but none more so than the children. Child support can ensure children get enough financial support for their education and basic needs. However, Illinois laws have undergone changes in this regard, which disputing parents should be aware of. Old vs. New Child Support Law According to past child support law, the amount for child support included a specific minimum percentage of the net income of the parent who did not have custody, irrespective of the amount they earned. According to th... Read more

Illinois Laws About Parenting Time That Divorced Parents Need to Know

Splitting a family apart may be the only way parents can ensure their children can have a stable and peaceful future. While a divorce can also provide ex-spouses peace of mind, the wellbeing of their children is prioritized by the court in Illinois. This includes determining parenting time, i.e. how much time the children should spend with each parent post-divorce. At this point, it is important to realize the state has replaced the term ‘child custody’ with ‘parental responsibilities.’ The new term is more appropriate in allocating res... Read more

What You Need to Know About Divorce Proceedings in Illinois

If you want to divorce your spouse in Naperville, IL, there are certain legalities you should be aware of before you file. Grounds for Divorce Spouses need to have fault-based grounds for divorce in the state, which means they need to have specific reasons why they want to end their marriage for their case to be considered. This can include the following: The spouse had an affair; The spouse is impotent; Their spouse abandoned them for more than a year; Their spouse is an alcoholic; The spouse is a felon; Their spouse uses drugs and has commit... Read more

Benefits of Short Sale over Foreclosure

During our lifetime, we face many financial difficulties. Under financial distress, many homeowners look to sell their assets to avert bankruptcy and defaults in order to pay off loans. The sale of a real estate asset, such as a house is one such option. However, in times of distress, many homeowners are required to sell their house for a lower amount than the actual price of the house or their mortgage. It is called short sale and comes with its very own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some common advantages of choosing a short sale ove... Read more