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Home Buying – Situations When You Need a Real Estate Attorney

Whether you are purchasing your first home or moving into a bigger house with your family, the home buying process involves several legalities. Each state has certain rules and regulations in place pertaining to who needs to be involved and what legal requirements must be met in order to complete a real estate transaction. While your real estate agent is capable of handling most aspects of your home buying process, you need an experienced real estate attorney to provide you legal guidance so you do not end up making potential mistakes leading t... Read more

Prenuptial Agreements – Do You Need to Make One?

A prenuptial agreement or contract is a legal document created and signed by a couple before their marriage. It is also known as a prenup or premarital agreement, and comprises of a list of all the assets, property, and debts each individual owns. It also outlines the financial and property rights of each person during their marriage. Is a Prenup the Right Option for you? While most people think that prenuptial agreements are only for the rich, that is not the case. Every person has a different reason for signing a prenup before marriage depend... Read more

Different Types of Contingencies in a Home Purchase Agreement

If you are a buyer and have found the perfect home for your family, the seller will ask you to make an offer on their property. Generally, the offer is presented through a contract, known as a home purchase agreement. This document holds great importance during the home buying process as it outlines many critical points that directly affect the outcome of the real estate transaction. The standard home purchase agreement includes a list of conditions that are required to be fulfilled before the deal is closed. It covers issues such as insurance,... Read more

Common Situations Where Post-Divorce Modifications are Needed

After a divorce has been finalized, there are some situations where an ex-spouse may request the court to modify the terms of decree due to their changed circumstances. You, being the receiving spouse, may be able to prove to the court that you need additional monetary support in order to meet the average standard of living and fulfill the needs of your children. The court will review your case, evaluate how the circumstances have rendered the current alimony and child support insufficient, and decide whether to accept your appeal. Here are a f... Read more