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Why You Should Consider Working with an Attorney during a Short Sale

With today’s unstable economy and fluctuating prices of the real estate market, an increasing number of homeowners are finding it difficult to stay current with their mortgage payments. Unemployment, emergency expenses, divorce, fraud, and excessive obligations are just a few reasons why a homeowner may not be able to make payments of their mortgage loan. Under such circumstances, going for a short sale may be the best option available to you. However, there are several legal intricacies involved in the process which may require working with ... Read more

Understanding the Changes in Illinois Child Support Law

Starting from July 1, 2017, the method used for determining child support in divorces has changed. The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (IDHFS) will now use the income shares model for the calculation of child support payments. Previously, the percentage method was used where the amount of child support was calculated based on the net income of the paying spouse and the number of children during the marriage. It is important to note that child support orders that were established before July 1, 2017 will not be affected by ... Read more

Things a Real Estate Attorney Can Do That an Agent Cannot

The roles and job of a real estate attorney and a realtor are quite different when it comes to purchasing or selling a property. But many a times, people do not know about the limitations of a real estate agent, and make the mistake of not involving an attorney in the process. Most real estate transactions are straightforward and can be handled by a realtor, but sometimes, disputes arise which lead to negotiations and often litigation, which otherwise could have been avoided if an attorney was present from the beginning. Here are a few things t... Read more

Factors Affecting the Determination of Parenting Time in Illinois

Up until December 31, 2015, parents getting divorced commonly sought visitation with their children. However, significant changes has been made to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution Of Marriage Act (IMDMA) and put into effect on January 1, 2016, eliminating the visitation statue and replacing it with parenting time. Aside from the change in terminology, there are significant differences between the old and new laws, how the new statute works, and factors affecting the determination of parenting time. The New Parenting Time Law in Illinois O... Read more

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