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Common Problems in Getting a Divorce

Getting a divorce or a legal separation is a process filled with riddles and problems along the way. Although hiring an experienced divorce lawyer can resolve all the common problems that we describe here, knowing about them from the onset will help you better understand the legal process and keep you calmer in the toughest time of your life. Discussing with Ex-Spouse Many people fail to realize that they will have to discuss several matters with their ex-spouse during the divorce process. There is a division of parental responsibilities as wel... Read more

Pay Due Diligence in Real Estate Transactions by Receiving Legal Help

Real estate transactions involve the transfer of large sums of money. A simple mistake in a transaction procedure can cost you thousands of dollars and would also delay the completion of a project. This can affect you greatly as an investor. What you need to do is to pay due diligence and ensure that every step occurs just the way it should. This is possible when you seek legal help. Here, we present the advantages of working with an experienced real estate lawyer for paying due diligence. The Documentation If you work in the real estate indust... Read more

Factors Affecting Determination of Spousal Maintenance in Illinois

Before the changes were made to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act pertaining to spousal maintenance in 2015, courts made determinations by weighing in a list of factors and had more power. However, a formal formula has been introduced that allows courts to calculate the precise amount to be awarded as alimony to the requesting spouse. Before the new laws were enforced, a set of factors were used for determining both the eligibility and amount of spousal maintenance. But now these factors are used for only determining whether... Read more

Common Legal Mistakes in Residential Real Estate Transactions

When you are purchasing or selling a residential property, you need to be vigilant through the process and make sure to complete all the legal requirements. While residential real estate transactions are not of complicated nature and generally go smoothly, there are a few important legal issues that you must be aware of to avoid any implications during the process. When such a huge investment is on the line, even the smallest of legal mistakes can create major problems for both the buyer and seller. It is essential to work with an experienced r... Read more

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